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Romeo & Juliet Limited Edition Capuletos 2016/El Dorado 21-Year-Old Rum

A bottle of Ata Rangi Pinot Noir is in serious peril.

Some days, you just feel trapped. Today, literally. It is freezing in my house at the moment. I type in fishing gloves as they have the fingertips cut off. Four layers and blankets. If I walk outside, it is at least ten degrees warmer but inside…

I get in and out of my house through a small channel between wine boxes and bottles in the garage. The garage is also warmer than the house in winter (seriously, the fridge is warmer than the house in winter) and there was I, sitting typing away (and if you can believe it, it has happened again in the short time I have done these two paras) when crash and bang. Bottles banging about and falling over. Cases tumbling…

Romeo y Julieta Limited Edition Exhibición No.2 2000/Havana Club Gran Reserva 15 Anos/Woodford Reserve Bourbon

It should be simple. A great cigar. A fabulous drink. They have to be a brilliant match, don’t they? What could go wrong? Well, in truth, not much and it rarely does. But simply combining two superb examples, each at the top of their game, does not mean that they will elevate each other or even that they will always be a terrific match.