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Partagas Lusitania (LOM Oct 13) – Glenfarclas 40-Year-Old Malt Whisky - Sullivan's Cove Double Cask XO Brandy

Time of writing, we are nearing the third State of Origin game, which will most likely see the glorious Queensland Maroons lose only their third series in the last 749 years. I thought we’d go down 3-0 but against all odds, we were magic in that first game and got home. I had decided that, as it was likely to be a miserable evening with the footy, I should smoke and drink well.

I went back to that gorgeous box of Partagas Lusitanias from 2013 and decided to go old malt – and in keeping with the double act, the Double Cask XO Brandy from Sullivans Cove…