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Ramon Allones RR Estupendos Asia Pacific 2006 release – Colosia Amontillado - Oakridge Meunier Rose 2016

Is there a more popular cigar for Regional Releases than Ramon Allones? There are bucketloads of them. Why is that? Is it because the brand is not considered good enough for regular Limited Edition releases, so they make do with Regionals? And if so, does that mean that Havana ranks Regionals below Limited Editions? Who knows? 

I'd go so far as to venture that no other brand is used as often for Regionals as RA, which I suspect few would have guessed when the program started. Of course, I could sit down and go through and count the split between brands and find out just which of them is most used, but we all know I am not going to do that. And these days, when the idea of fact-checking for articles has become a farce, why bother? It is now in print, so it must be true…

Trinidad ‘La Trova’ - Wild Turkey ‘Master’s Keep’ ‘1894’

A little while since I tried one of these gorgeous cigars. Last time, with a cracking Yamazaki 12-Year-Old. This time, a terrific Bourbon, but we’ll get to that. 

The cigar, the Trinidad ‘La Trova’, is from a box coded RAG AGO 17. The first 2/3rds of the smoke were utterly glorious, though the last third, certainly not in any way a lesser smoke, was simply exhibiting signs suggesting it was too young. I'd hang off these for another year or two, if possible, but if not, you’ll still have a brilliant experience. And showing the requisite patience will not be an easy task…

Nudies No 1 Lonsdales/Last Drop 1971 Blended Scotch Whisky (and possibly some Flor de Cana 25-Year-Old Rum)

Couple of interesting things touched down at the swamp recently. I had been talking to the people behind a rare spirits company and they were going to flick through a sample for review. And Rob left me with a mystery cigar. No clues at all. 

The whisky sample turned up and it was, wait for it, a 10ml thimble. I thought how on earth does one get to taste anything from such a minute sample? I found out later that a full 700ml bottle comes in at around £4,000, so suddenly 10mls is looking very generous. And it was such a stand out, no issue at all…