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Cohiba Siglo VI - Barale Fratelli ‘Barolo Chinato’ - Fortaleza Agave ‘Still Strength 46’ Tequila

Whilst I remain convinced that humanity is rapidly sowing the seeds of its own demise, and hard to think that does not make us the dumbest species to have ever existed on this fragile planet, occasionally we do something remarkable. Imagine coming up with the idea of taking the heart of a large spiky succulent, pollinated by bats, and processing it into one of the most loved spirits found anywhere. The plant is, of course, the blue agave and the spirit is tequila.

But then, while we are thinking outside the box, imagine an entire industry based on taking leaves from some dodgy old plant, drying and then fermenting them, rolling them up into little tubes and then setting fire to them, but only after the end user has paid a bucketload of dosh for the pleasure…