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Hoyo de Monterrey ‘La Hoyo du Roi’/Ardbeg Islay Ten-Year-Old Malt/Domaine de L’Arlot Vosne-Romanee ‘Les Suchots’ 1999

Cigars and movies. Not cigars in movies.

I know that quite a few of our members do not smoke indoors, for all manner of reasons which I would do best to avoid discussing, but others are not so limited. I have no such issues and probably enjoy a cigar in front of the telly more often than anywhere else.

Sporting events are a must, though I am wondering about the Superbowl (which is to be played tomorrow, time of writing). Sometimes yes; sometimes, a bit early. Currently undecided. But settling back for a rugby test (nice way to get something from the evening, given the way we play) or a good league game, with a top cigar, is always a fine evening.